Ts & Cs

Just like our approach to fitness and education, we aim to keep this as simple and easy to understand as possible:


Learner Agreement

We lay out what you can expect from us and what we expect from you.  Saying this up front helps us have a happy and productive relationship throughout your learning:

Malpractice & Maladministration

This is a pretty dry subject, so the bulk of it is in the document linked below!  It is the policies laid out relating to behaviour by either you or us that compromises the integrity of assessments and/or the validity of the certification.


There is an official process to be followed if you feel like we haven't given you the right result.  You can check the criteria for appeals in the document below and then follow the appeals process that it lays out.


If somehow we have let you down in our dealings with you and haven't been able to rectify the situation to your satisfaction, then you can use the document below to help you formulate and direct a complaint.

Finance Agreement

We let you pay in instalments, but you are paying us direct and interest free.  We don't wish to have a third party making money out of your hard work and chasing you if you fall behind.  We don't undergo a credit check on you.  Your deposit covers the our initial set up costs, then your ongoing payments cover our continued work with you.  You only get your certificate confirming your qualification once your balance is cleared.  To us, it seems like the most simple and common sense approach that works well for both of us.

Equal Opportunities

We honestly believe this is simple: be kind and courteous to everyone, be respectful, be constructive and understanding when working together.  No ifs, buts or maybes.  If you want to look at the whole policy it's below.